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San Diego Personal Injury Attorney Mark Bush has been fighting for those who have been injured in San Diego, California for over 20 years. His firm was established to protect the rights of those injured and fight against the insurance companies and the responsible parties.

Learn About Personal Injury

If you or a loved one have been wrongfully injured, it is important that you educate yourself on what you will be facing. Below, we have provided informative pages to help you better understand personal injury law. Please read the relevant pages and then contact us so that we can discuss your case.

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Personal Injury Generally

Suffering wrongful injury or illness from the negligence of another can be physically painful, emotionally traumatic and financially devastating. These can manifest after being involved in something such as a boating accident, after ingesting a dangerous drug, after using a defective product or in countless other ways. The law is extremely favorable to victims of negligence, however, there are statues of limitations that make it necessary for a victim to file within a timely manner. In the state of California, there is a two year limitation regarding negligence and personal injury claim. If victims are looking to protect their best interests, it is crucial that they act within this window of opportunity to fight to recover damages.

Car Accidents

Owing it to congested roadways throughout the entire nation, many have become victimized in motor vehicle accidents of all kinds. There are countless causes of these types of accidents; car accidents can be the result of everything from drunk driving to defective auto parts, tired drivers and even texting while driving. For these victims, however, there is no reason to suffer in silence. An experienced car accident attorney can be an invaluable asset in the fight to determine liability in the accident and protect the best interest of all of those who were wrongfully injured.

Motorcycle Accidents

Due to their speed, maneuverability and general youthful appeal, motorcycles have become popular across the nation to every gender and every age group. These vehicles, however, are not without their dangers. As motorcyclists are completely without the traditional safety features provided in a passenger vehicle, they are extremely vulnerable to injury. Even the slightest contact with another vehicle can cause a motorcycle to go awry - leaving the operator in severe danger. Unfortunately, other drivers are often the cause of these accidents as they are not trained to keep a wary eye and will often drive without keeping a lookout for these smaller vehicles - causing catastrophic and devastating accidents.

Nursing Home Abuse

As elderly loved ones begin to age, it becomes necessary for them to find caring and supportive assistance to ensure that they continue to live the high-quality of life that they deserve. As careers, societal obligations and otherwise busy lives often make it impossible for their own families to care for themselves personally, many turn towards to the assistance of nursing home facilities. Unfortunately, due to low budgets and overwhelmed staff, many nursing homes are unable to fully care for their patients as they should. This can lead to passive negligence and, in some cases, active abuse.

Wrongful Death

Accidents are a part of life - slipups will occur and mistakes will happen. Unfortunately, these accidents are not without their consequences. While some accidents can occur without more than a few scrapes, they can all too often result in devastating consequences. For example, accidents that were caused by the negligence of another can result in wrongful deaths. In cases such as this, the surviving families have steps that they can take to help them recover damages - including loss of companionship. While this companionship cannot ease the pain of losing a loved one, it can help make their life as easy as possible as they work towards moving on from the tragic loss.

Injuries on Property

Owners of property have a responsibility to those who visit their premises to behave in a way that will promote their general safety and well-being. This includes everything from ensuring there is an active, well-trained security patrol to providing clearly marked pathways. Should they maintain their property in a way that is deemed negligent, those who were wrongfully injured can move forward in what is known as a premises liability case. This can help victims to fight for maximum monetary compensation to help them put their life back on track once more.

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Personal Injury & Accidents

Personal injury is described as an injury to a person, whether physical or psychological, when caused by the conduct of another person or entity. A personal injury may be caused by intentional or unintentional conduct, though injuries of this kind are most often associated with carelessness or recklessness. At the Law Office of Mark Bush, we are dedicated to helping residents with their claims. By offering our clients the personal attention and dedicated representation of a competent San Diego personal injury lawyer, we help accident and injury victims of all kinds throughout this region.

Your entire life may be turned upside down because of another person's actions. If you are interested in seeking justice, we can help. Our legal team may be able to assist you not only in holding the responsible party or parties accountable but can aid you in seeking financial damages that will help you begin the sometimes slow and arduous process of putting your life back together. Our mission is to support you through every step of your insurance claim or lawsuit in order to let you focus your energy on healing and moving on. While we deal with all the legal issues and work to secure a better financial future for you and your family, you can concentrate on healing - body and mind. We know to address both the physical and emotional ramifications of accidents and serious injuries.

Not only do we offer a free case review to talk about your case, but we work on a contingent fee basis. You pay no fees for our legal services unless we recover a negotiated settlement or win a jury award on your behalf. We welcome you to come to our offices to meet with an attorney about your case, or we may be able to travel to your home, office or even your hospital room to talk in person about how we can help. Your comfort is our number one concern at this stage; we want to do whatever we can to help you.

Experienced Aid for Accident and Injury Claims

Whether your claim involves an accident (transportation, workplace, train accident or other), wrongful death, medical malpractice, a defective product (such as a defective auto part), premises liability, drowning accident, medical malpractice, medication error, toxic exposure or some other unfortunate occurrence, we can help. In these situations, your future is on the line and you may feel that you will never be able to rebuild and fully recover. An attorney can work to protect your interests and rights in these matters to help you face a brighter future.

With the right approach and sufficient resources to fully investigate your accident or injuries and build a compelling case on your behalf, your lawyer can seek maximum compensation on your behalf, can deal with the insurance company and can effectively prove the negligence, intentional conduct or liability of the responsible party. All of this will add up to a positive case result and the monetary compensation that makes a difference in your ability to pay for medical care, lost earnings and so much more. We cannot go back and prevent your injuries from occurring and unfortunately do not have the power to fully erase all trace of damage that an accident has caused, but we can help you seek justice and recover money that will make the most difference in helping you move onward and upward.

Involving an Injury Lawyer

A common concern our clients have is whether to involve an injury lawyer in the first place. This is an important decision to make and is one that may influence your ability to recover full financial compensation for your injuries and other losses or expenses you have suffered. Dealing with an insurance claim is usually necessary after an injury or accident, and this is one of many ways an experienced injury lawyer can help you. A lawyer can deal with filing your claim and handling any negotiations with the insurance company to seek the fair resolution you are hoping for. If your case cannot be resolved outside of the courtroom, your lawyer can take your case to civil court to be determined by a judge and jury.

Our law firm offers a free consultation to talk to you about your case, your questions and your concerns. And you pay no legal fees when you work with a San Diego personal injury attorney at our law offices unless we win your case.

About Personal Injury

A personal injury may stem from several causes, such as:

  • Negligence is the most common cause of personal injury. It occurs when the responsible party's failure to use reasonable care causes injury.
  • Strict liability usually involves defective products or drugs.
  • Intentional wrong occurs when the party responsible knowingly causes harm to another person.
  • Accidental causes of personal injury are those that occur even if there was no negligence or intent to cause harm.

Auto accidents are the most common cause of injury claims in San Diego and throughout the U.S. This may include a truck accident, motorcycle accident or a traffic accident involving a pedestrian or bicycle. These cases typically involve negligence, when a driver is not paying attention, is driving drunk, is speeding or is driving aggressively and therefore does something or fails to do something and causes an accident that injures another person. We are experienced in handling car accident insurance claims for our clients and can determine who is responsible to then seek full damages on a client's behalf. Whether it boils down to a driver who was following too closely or who ran a red light, we have the resources to prove this during negotiations or in court. We can also handle complex auto product liability claims if a defective auto part caused your collision.

In virtually any situation where another person has acted intentionally, unintentionally or negligently and caused you or someone you love harm, you may be able to sue for damages. An attorney can review the particular circumstances of the incident in order to determine the merits of your case.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

Simply going through one's daily routine can carry unforeseen dangers - working, walking on a wet floor, driving, or even going to the doctor. It is only fair that the party responsible should pay for any damages caused. It is our job to help you, the innocent victim, receive compensation for physical injuries or mental anguish you may have experienced. We cannot prevent an accident from occurring in the first place, but we can work to help you recover the money that will help you rebuild and your family face a more secure future. How can an attorney accomplish this? By utilizing legal knowledge in this field and by working with professionals in medicine, accident reconstruction, economics and other fields to establish who or what caused your injuries and the value of your claim - proving this in negotiations or in civil court.

If you have been injured due to another's negligence or fault, you could be entitled to receive compensation for physical and emotional damages. Personal injury is a complicated field that requires the experience and knowledge of a trained professional. At our firm, we are committed to doing what's needed to protect your rights and help you get the compensation you deserve.

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